Vince Hawkins

Writing is the common thread of the life of Vince Hawkins. He wrote little stories in the classroom at age five and hasn’t done much different since. After grammar school he went to work at 17 and became a financial journalist. By age 27 Vince Hawkins was freelancing for nationals such as the Financial Times, London Times, Telegraph and Irish Independent.

He became an investment analyst for stockbrokers and wrote reports on companies’ share price prospects. He attended the Open University and did an evening business studies course at Northumbria University. His essays shone. But he took the practical knowledge he needed and shunned the degrees. Later he was the managing editor for a company that put out reports on the retail industry.

After renouncing the demon drink he turned self-employed, editing business reports and writing for trade magazines – able to work on his laptop from anywhere and roam the world. Now he is on a hedonistic journey of authorship and experiencing his bucket list ambitions.

An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA was published in 2011, An Atheists Twelve Steps to Improvement (To Accompany Any Program) in 2012, and Everyone’s an Addict in 2018. His debut novel, Trader Bob, came out in 2016.

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