Secular stance within AA

Just because the first book in my addiction trilogy An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA was specifically on Alcoholics Anonymous, this does not mean that my latest offering, Everyone’s an Addict, ignores AA. Indeed, because AA is the largest 12 step fellowship and all the others derive so much from the mother ship, as it were, Everyone’s an Addict is closer to AA than any other fellowship. AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) The difference between the two books in respect to AA is that the yellow-covered An Atheists Unofficial Guide is geared purely for the atheist or agnostic alcoholic and it only offers a god-free [...]

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12 Steps and Self Improvement

Difference between Self-help books and Self-improvement books The earliest stages of recovery are solely about taking the withdrawals from abstention on the chin – and avoiding relapse. This is a selfish exercise. Pamper yourself as much as possible. Do anything you need to do, not to relapse, bar substituting one serious addiction for another. If you’re already a smoker, smoke a few more cigarettes temporarily. Eat biscuits. Over-exercise temporarily. This is the time when you need self help and so: self-help books. Self improvement comes later on and self-improvement books help in the process of turning yourself into a better person – and then [...]

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